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Date: June 17, 2015
Contact: Anne Strong
Telephone: (301) 279-9697

History Associates Writes the Story of CooperVision

press-release-coopervision-coverIn 1958, Parker Montgomery was a restless financier who was tired of doing corporate deals for other people. He purchased a modest chemical and pharmaceutical business and renamed it Cooper Laboratories, setting events in motion that would lead to the multinational contact lens maker that is CooperVision today.

History Associates is pleased to announce the publication of More Than Meets the Eye: The CooperVision Story. This commemorative history book is a tribute to the company’s employees, tracing nearly forty years of growth and innovation. “We have a powerful and compelling history,” noted CooperVision’s president, Dan McBride, in the book’s introduction. “It has laid the foundation for who we are today and will allow us to keep our future bright.”

The company had long wanted to create a book that would celebrate the people and discoveries that have made CooperVision successful, but wanted to do justice to the story. History Associates worked with CooperVision to bring this vision to light. To create the manuscript, historian Kim Silvi reviewed nearly 20 hours of interviews with key members of the CooperVision team, noting compelling anecdotes and quotes that could be used in the book. To supplement the story and add historical context, she reviewed Coopervision’s historical collection and also conducted documentary research among newspapers, trade journals, and other secondary publications for information about the company and the contact lens industry in general.

For use in the book, historians supplemented CooperVision’s photograph collection with scans of compelling documents obtained during research, images gathered from local and government repositories, and specific historical photographs and images licensed from stock photo services. History Associates brought in designers to create the resulting 57-page full-color book, which reflects CooperVision’s refreshed brand image and features the company’s signature colorful watercolor accents throughout. The book was distributed as a gift to employees.

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