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Date: March 1, 2001
Contact: Anne Strong
Telephone: (301) 279-9697

For Public History News – March 2001

Dr. Philip L. Cantelon, History Associates’ President, published a biography of William G. McGowan, the head of MCI Communications Corp., in Volume Three of  The Scribner Encyclopedia of American Lives.

The Public Welfare Foundation published Seeking the Greatest Good: The Public Welfare Foundation, by Senior Historian Dr. Peggy M. Dillon, late last year. The manuscript was published as a boxed set with Anonymous Giver: A Life of Charles Marsh, a biography of the philanthropy’s founder.

Senior Historian/Archivist Dr. Gabriele G. Carey, who manages History Associates’ West Coast office, has completed three projects this winter: a survey of the city of Santa Barbara’s archival records; an archives policies and procedures manual, historical needs assessment, and archives feasibility study for Santa Clara county; and a report for the California State Historical Records Advisory Board that assesses all state archives programs and their relationship with the state library, the state’s GSA records storage program, the Golden State museum, and the state Department of Parks and Recreation.

Dr. Rodney P. Carlisle, a co-founder and vice president of History Associates, won the Philadelphia Athenaum’s annual literary award for  Jack Tar: A Sailor’s Life, 1750-1910, an illustrated book about the 18th- and 19th-century sailor that he co-authored with J.  Welles Henderson. Dr. Carlisle’s biographical entry about Frederick Vallette McNair, a naval officer during the Civil and Spanish-American wars, was printed on the February 20 on-line subscription service for the multi-volume  American National Biography.

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