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Capture your stories before they are lost

Professionally produced oral histories are a valuable asset to your organization. They are indispensable sources for historical accounts but may also inform or enhance advertising, public relations, and internal communication initiatives.

Most importantly, they capture for all time the invaluable experience of an organization or institution that would otherwise be lost. They are an investment in the future.

Our interviewers are experienced professional historians. They are versed in the principles and the practice of oral history and bring both an empathetic ear and a deep understanding of historical context to each interview. They will work with you to develop and implement an interview agenda that will add depth to the documentary record, capture anecdotes, and obtain perspective on people, policies, and decisions.

Sometimes the most valuable results of an interview are answers to questions that no one knew to ask. We know how to keep the interview process engaging and open-ended. We do more than ask questions—in a cordial conversational format we enable interviewees to better explore the past.

Preparation Yields the Best Results

For each project, our historians carefully prepare for the interview. Steps include:

  • Conducting research into the background of the institution and interviewee and developing a full understanding of underlying historical context;
  • Drafting an organizational or subject chronology to serve as a reference in preparation for the interview;
  • Identifying chief themes to be pursued in determining the interview agenda and framing questions; and
  • Preparing legal release forms or deed of gift.

Oral History Options

We can deliver the final product in a variety of formats, depending on your needs. Capabilities include:

  • Digital audio recording in high-resolution format;
  • High-definition video recording in desired format;
  • All interviews transcribed, edited, and reviewed by both the interviewer and the interviewee for flow and accuracy; and
  • Interviews prefaced with a brief biographical sketch of the interview subject and a synopsis of the major topics covered.

Time Is Not on Your Side

Capture your organization’s experience before it is lost! Call us at (301) 279-9697 or contact History Associates to discuss your oral history project.

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History Associates' historians help capture the stories of your organization or institution before they are lost, helping to inform corporate initiatives.
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