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Historical investigations for legal, regulatory, and crisis management issues

Our historical research investigations have helped clients reduce financial liability, obtain successful judgments, comply with regulatory requirements, and inform legal strategies.

Since 1981, History Associates has worked on more than 1,200 investigations for lawyers, crisis managers, and their clients. Our broad understanding of historical context and our expert knowledge of where to find crucial documentary evidence will help you thoroughly and cost-effectively establish the historical facts at issue.

Our clients turn to us for historical research in areas such as:

  • PRP Searches and CERCLA Cost Recovery
  • Corporate Succession/Corporate Genealogy
  • Government Contract Searches
  • Manufactured Gas Plant and Land Use Histories
  • Product Liability and Toxic Torts Research
  • Nuclear Industry Site Histories
  • Climate Change Research
  • Intellectual Property Documentation
  • Native American Rights Disputes
  • Water Rights and Coastal Erosion Disputes
  • Insurance Recovery Research
  • Trademark Use Investigations

Don’t see your historical issue listed here? We’ve conducted research on much more. Call us at (301) 279-9697 or contact History Associates to find out how we can help on your project.

Proven Historical Research Methodology

At the start of every research project, we gain an understanding of your question in light of your objectives and the historical context. Then we review available information already gathered, supplemented with other contextual sources, to develop a targeted research plan.

Historical information resides in a vast array of sources. We have an unsurpassed knowledge of the federal records system (such as the National Archives and Federal Records Centers) and have conducted research across the country and around the world in a wide variety of archives, libraries, government offices, and private collections. We can decipher the long-forgotten and often overlooked research aids used to organize historical records, effectively employ online resources, and develop targeted Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to systematically gather the available historical record.

Historical Investigations in Legal Matters

Whether you are documenting the historical development of an industrial site, identifying potentially responsible parties for site contamination and remediation, or investigating the factual basis for asbestos or other toxic tort matters, our historical research services can help. We often serve as historical consultants in litigation matters, providing historical research support to your legal team and coordinating our efforts with experts from other disciplines. We understand that the legal process requires authentication of historical evidence, and our historians follow careful procedures to document their historical research and have testified regarding their sources and the stories they tell.

Not only do our skilled historians efficiently find the information you need, but we understand the contextual significance of the records we uncover. Our knowledge of history gives us the framework to know what information to look for. This allows us to develop leads to other historical records that can bolster a case or reduce the likelihood that opposing counsel will produce surprises later.

Our services can support you throughout the legal process:

Pre-litigation and general investigations

  • Locate and retrieve publicly available historical information
  • Synthesize this public information with the privately held internal documents exchanged in discovery

Pre-trial motions and discovery

  • Draft stipulations of fact
  • Draft targeted FOIA requests
  • Weigh the credibility and reliability of historical materials provided by opposing parties, experts, and eyewitnesses

Settlement negotiations or expert witness at trial

  • Prepare summary and expert reports of our research findings
  • Serve as an authoritative presenter of the available historical record

How can we help you? Call us at (301) 279-9697 or contact History Associates to discuss your historical research needs in confidence.

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History Associates' historical research investigations have helped clients reduce financial liability, obtain successful judgments, comply with requirements, and more.
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