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Crafting A Digital Narrative With Digital Storytelling

Whether you need a video, an online timeline or an interactive lesson, our team of content experts will help you harness the power of technology to capture your audience’s attention. Organizational storytelling is both an art and a science, and we use the latest technology to craft rich, compelling and authentic stories in a variety of formats. 

Leverage Interactive Storytelling 

Interactive storytelling is useful for engaging and educating audiences. The creative use of digital content – including video, audio, apps, interactive timelines and graphics – can also create a lasting impression. As professional historians and interpretive planners, we are experts in finding appropriate materials, are fluent in a wide variety of digital storytelling techniques and are known for our attention to accuracy and detail. We can help you uncover the information you need and then help you pull all the elements together into a richly layered digital experience.

Engage Digital Storytelling Services 

Whether you need help telling your company story or history, or you are a museum or non-profit seeking help with interactive exhibit planning, our team of professional historians can help. Our clients turn to us for help with: 

  • Research for Images, Audio and Video assets
  • Digital Content Development
  • Timelines
  • Digital Archives
  • Digital Exhibits
  • Websites or Microsites
  • eBooks and Corporate History Books 
  • Historical Maps
  • Smartphone Apps
  • High-resolution Multimedia Asset Acquisition and Licensing
  • Platform Selection and Integration
  • Content Development and Storyboarding for Supplemental Educational Modules
  • Compelling Primary Sources including Documents, Audio and Images
  • Development of Multi-sensory, Digital Learning Experiences

Work With A Professional Digital Storytelling Company 

Creating an engaging digital story requires bringing many components together seamlessly, and this can be extremely challenging. We routinely collaborate with website and multimedia developers, curators, educators, and other professionals to get the job done. Our research methodologies and tools are designed to coordinate content development with the design and development processes, creating richly layered stories that resonate with desired audiences.

Ready to get started? Call us at (301) 279-9697 or contact us to discuss your digital storytelling project. View our sample projects to learn more about our past and present clients. 

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