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Secure archive storage

Do you struggle with these issues?

  • Deteriorating collections of documents, photographs, electronic records, and artifacts due to improper storage
  • Using storage space for information and artifacts that could be put to more efficient use
  • Having valuable documents, photographs, and artifacts stored across several facilities without any coordinated maintenance and oversight
  • Difficulty locating historical materials in a timely and efficient manner

History Associates can help you solve these storage challenges and gain better physical and intellectual control of your information assets with our state-of-the-art archival storage facility. This secure and environmentally controlled facility can meet all of your archival storage requirements.

Features of Our Archival Storage Facility


  • 24-hour security
  • Controlled / limited access
  • Compliance with national fire detection and suppression standards


  • Temperature and humidity controlled for optimal preservation
  • Compliance with archival storage standards

Physical Access

  • Reference and research services
  • Responsive reproduction, digital imaging, and courier services
  • Secure reading room for client use

Intellectual Control

  • Professionally trained archival staff
  • Archival processing room for arrangement and description
  • Finding aids and databases

Full Suite of Archival Services

Our archival storage facility is designed specifically for historical records and artifacts and is managed by professionals who are trained in archival science. If you need further arrangement, appraisal, or re-housing of the records and artifacts in our care, we can provide you with a full range of archival services to meet your needs.

If you are unsure of what you are storing at a facility now, we can also conduct an audit of materials stored in off-site records storage facilities to ensure that you are not paying to store records beyond their retention or storing materials that do not have historical value.

Getting started is easy

Just call us at (301) 279-9697 or contact History Associates to discuss your archives project.

Service Type
Archival Storage
Provider Name
History Associates Inc.,
300 N. Stonestreet Avenue,Rockville,MD-20850,
Telephone No.301-279-9697
United States
History Associates offers a secure and environmentally controlled state-of-the-art archival storage facility to provide better physical and intellectual control of your assets.
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