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Contract through GSA schedule

140Through our GSA contract, History Associates can provide federal and state government archives and records management clients with:

  • Expedited acquisitions
  • Negotiated labor costs

History Associates’ work adheres to all professionally accepted archival and records management standards and complies fully with the Federal Records Act and National Archives guidelines.

Company Info

Year Established: 1981
Business Type: Small Business
DUNS Number: 037704574

Government Archives Management

History Associates provides program and operational support to federal clients with archival and historical collections. We assist with the initiation, management, and improvement of archival programs, as well as with the technical execution of archives and preservation activities. Our staff also provides assistance with physical and digital materials as well as support functions for both centralized and dispersed collections.

Program Development

  • Survey and inventory historical materials
  • Create operational policies and procedures manuals
  • Provide presentations, training, and workshops on archives and preservation functions

Program Assistance

Acquisitions and Appraisal

  • Appraise materials for permanent preservation
  • Generate accession records and case files for archival collections
  • Weed and de-accession materials according to agency collection policies

Arrangement and Description

  • Arrange and describe archival materials to professional and agency standards
  • Prepare finding aids and other descriptive tools for archival materials
  • Provide subject classification and cataloging services for archival collections
  • Encode finding aids using Encoded Archival Description and XML for web access


  • Provide reference services for archival collections

Program Planning

Operations and Services

  • Conduct needs assessments and feasibility studies
  • Create budgets and timelines for operations and special projects

Facilities Planning

  • Determine specifications for facilities, equipment, and supplies
  • Design floor plans and layout for archival storage and workspaces

Our Records Management Services

History Associates assists government agencies with all aspects of federal records management functions, at both the national and regional levels. We improve existing records management programs, revive programs that have been dormant for years, and implement programs for new agencies and divisions. We also administer records management operations on behalf of federal agencies.

Program Compliance

  • Promote compliance with federal standards and procedures
  • Revive dormant records management programs
  • Design and implement new government records management programs

Program Development

  • Conduct government records surveys and inventories
  • Draft records retention and disposition schedules
  • Develop policies and procedures for managing records

Program Assistance

  • Appraise government records for archival and historical value
  • Execute federal records appraisal and scheduling paperwork
  • Create office filing systems

Program Improvement

  • Provide guidance on electronic records management issues
  • Assess program needs by surveying records and interviewing staff
  • Create customized records schedules and records management procedures based on agency requirements

Digital Archives Projects

History Associates helps government clients increase the visibility of their archival collections by providing online access to historical materials. We assist with program planning and implementation, selection of materials, and definition of technical standards and procedures for digital archives projects.

History Associates also organizes, describes, and prepares digitized collections materials for research and use.

  • Create policies and procedures for managing digital collections
  • Define technical standards for program implementation
  • Generate metadata records and other appropriate descriptive tools
  • Research and acquire copyright permissions for archival materials
  • Liaise with agency archivists, information technology staff, and stakeholders to prepare for, support, and monitor the quality of digital archives projects




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Service Type
Government Records Management
Provider Name
History Associates Inc.,
300 N. Stonestreet Avenue,Rockville,MD-20850,
Telephone No.301-279-9697
United States
Through a GSA contract, History Associates provides expedited acquisitions and negotiated labor costs for government archives management work for federal clients.
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