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Preserve Your Legacy

A career in Congress generates a sizable collection of papers, photos, and memorabilia that could provide important context for future scholars, journalists, and policymakers.

If you are closing an office, you don’t have to go it alone or manage with limited staff. Our professionals can get the work done on time and within your budget. Services include:

  • Paper and Electronic Records Inventory
  • Photographs and Memorabilia Inventory
  • Closeout Consultation
    • Selection & Coordination with an Archival Repository
    • Appraisal and File Organization
  • Wrapping and Packing

Let’s Start Today

We have preserved the records and memorabilia of more than 30 United States Senators and Members of Congress. We have more than a decade of experience in providing congressional records archival services.

Call us at 301-279-9697 or email to discuss your office closeout.


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