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Need help starting a corporate archives?

In an era of information overload and employee turnover, maintaining institutional knowledge in an archives can give you a competitive advantage. A well-organized archival program enables you to efficiently identify, save, and retrieve the information you need while safely discarding the material you don’t. Developing an archival program can often be a daunting task—especially when the concept of “archives” is often equated with “storing old files.”

We have assisted numerous companies in kick-starting their archival programs and have devised a number of resources to help. Our Archival Needs Assessment is especially designed to help you develop your plan.

We will:

  • Visit your facilities and evaluate your current situation
  • Deliver a written assessment report containing:
    • Significant findings (review holdings, processes, and facilities)
    • Recommendations for implementing an archives program
    • Supporting information to aid in planning next steps
    • Present our findings to your board or management team, if desired

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For more information:

Read our article about planning a company archives.
Download our free whitepaper to build a business case for an archival program.

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Archival Needs Assessment
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History Associates' Archival Needs Assessment for archival planning and disaster planning helps develop a plan to identify, save, and retrieve your most important information.
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