“What Happens If I Don’t Comply?”


  1. If your agency or program doesn’t comply with the transition to electronic records, you will have to pay for commercial storage
  2. Compliance reduces your physical footprint and provide virtual access to records
  3. It is possible to receive compliance exceptions for some records; our team can help craft the business case.
  4. The HAI / NOS team is here to help whenever you’re ready.


Danny Harbison: (00:06)
Failing to digitize your records by the June, 2024 deadline could result in significant cost for your agency, particularly around your current office space. Let’s take a look at the real estate picture. The average filing cabinet consumes about nine square feet of space. The average cost of DC real estate is about $60 a foot, so let’s assume, for example, 250 filing cabinets. That’s about 2,200 square feet of space, or roughly $135,000 a year in annual real estate costs just to store the paper comparatively, the cost to digitize this paper is approximately $250,000, resulting in a tangible return on investment in less than two years.

Laura Starr: (00:57)
Freeing up space and reducing your physical storage footprint are two obvious financial benefits of achieving compliance. Another benefit is immediate digital access to your agency’s information. Digitization provides remote team members with access to important documents and in turn increases productivity no matter their location. Agency employees will no longer have to dig through file cabinets, banker’s boxes, or storage rooms to find paper-based information. I will mention that there is the possibility of being granted compliance exceptions for some materials. We have experience crafting those unique business cases. Should you find it necessary.

DH: (01:48)
Let the partnership of NOS and HAI work for your agency to guarantee your records are compliant by the deadline. Click the link below and let us start the digitization process.

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