“The HAI / NOS Method”


  1. NARA has specific scanning specifications and metadata requirements for how electronic records are to be created and transferred.
  2. NOS offers expertise in scanning according to those specifications.
  3. Our team provides flexibility in off-site or on-site scanning, careful chain of custody, and meets rigorous security requirements.


Laura Starr: (00:06)
The OMB NARA M-23-07 mandate says that “after June 30th, 2024, all agencies must transfer permanent records to NARA in electronic formats and with appropriate metadata in accordance with NARA of regulations and transfer guidance”. This is a big task and one that needs a specialized best in class team. Our approach merges decades of federal agency experience with the specifications defined by NARA. For this mandate, our services help agencies effectively manage and describe their records, ensuring compliance, accessibility, and long-term viability.

Danny Harbison: (00:53)
NOS brings expertise, security, and high quality scanning services that transform paper records into digital content accessible through your preferred technology platform. We have served more than 10,000 clients in legal firms, government agencies, corporate offices, museums, education, public safety, and associations. NOS is familiar with the requirements and are experts at guaranteeing. The specifications are followed properly complete with metadata. Our flexibility accommodates both onsite or offsite scanning projects. Alongside high quality digitization, we prioritize stringent security protocols, safeguarding all of your documents and records. For further details on our qualifications, click the link below.

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