Taylor Hefka

Historian | Multi-disciplinary Synthesizer

“By pulling together several disciplines into the study of history, we can uncover the rich and multi-layered story of the past.”

Work at HAI

Taylor is passionate about finding practical applications for research. To truly uncover the layers of facts, she believes you need to have a robust analytical and intellectual arsenal.  History should never be studied in isolation, and should include, dare we say it, the hard sciences – medicine, engineering, and other scientific disciplines.

Since joining HAI in October 2021, Taylor conducts multi-disciplinary research for a variety of clients, including law firms and corporations.

Path to HAI

Prior to joining HAI, Taylor worked in the National Archives and Records Administration museum designing, curating, and writing digital supplementary materials for rotating exhibits. She has also worked at Paley Center for Media, revamping their digital archival space, and providing research consulting services for academics, novelists, screenwriters, and playwrights. Over the last several years, she served as a coordinator and project manager in clinical research. She established and managed a research unit at the University of Pennsylvania and developed the department using efficient strategies and a digital archive to work within the growing medical research landscape. She is excited to return to her true passion of historical research at History Associates Incorporated.

In 2017, Taylor received a master’s degree with distinction in film studies at the University of East Anglia. In 2016, Taylor received a master’s degree, magna cum laude, in history at the University of South Florida. She majored in history and minored in archaeology at the Catholic University of America, graduating cum laude in 2013.