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Historic Property Research

HAI will conduct historical research in physical and digital archives to showcase the history behind your property, including but not limited to:

  • Historical deeds, maps, plots, and photos
  • The historical context of the property
  • Previous owner biography summaries
  • Historical newspaper clippings
  • Records of architectural changes made over time
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Adaptive Reuse Funding

HAI can utilize our historical research services to determine your property’s eligibility for funding opportunities geared towards the renovation and adaptive reuse of historic properties. In addition to identifying funding opportunities, we will complete applications for you where documentary evidence of historical significance is needed.

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Heritage Tourism Development

We can work with you to develop tourism opportunities geared towards heritage and genealogy. With our team’s unique range of skill sets, we can conduct historical research, create content for tours, and identify locations relevant to your unique client needs.

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AR / VR Project Development

HAI has partnered with the top AR/VR/MR firms around the world to develop truly unique and engaging visitor experiences for historic sites and museums. With our partnerships, we are able to offer historical research, content creation, exhibit design, and AR/VR program development in one package.

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Media and Gaming Research

Our team has a wide range of historical specialities ranging from Ancient Rome to the Cold War and beyond. We are able to tailor our services to your needs for the development of video games, films, TV shows, and other media that focuses on any historical period.

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Historical Research and Analysis

At HAI, everything we do is centered around discovering and learning from the past. Our team of specialists is on hand to take on projects small and large that involve historical research and analysis of historical data

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Slide "As a contractor doing historical restoration work I found these services to be an incredible gift to client to thank them for trusting us with their home. The book they provided was professionally put together with great information and quality appearance. Thank you!"

Marc Engelke
Founder of Engelke Homes
Slide "Alexandra did a great job for multiple projects in downtown Charleston regarding historical research, building review and strategy. Her fees were reasonable, she works very quickly and is team oriented. I recommend her highly for any projects like this."

Richard G. Himelrick
Director of Operations, United Brotherhood of Carpenters
Slide "I was very pleased with both the quality of information provided and the format it was provided in. I will certainly use HAI's services again."

Theresa Evans
Realtor at Carolina One