03 / 02 / 12

Effective Commemoration: The Changing Approach to Observing the Civil War

As the Civil War Sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary enters its second year, we have noted significant differences between this observance and the war’s Centennial. These changes demonstrate a shift from national to local commemoration and from a celebratory view of the war to one cognizant of its toll and its multifaceted meaning. Through our work with… Read more »

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08 / 22 / 11

Safeguarding the Past: Planning a Company Archives

Developing an archival program can be a daunting task—especially when the concept of “archives” is often equated with “storing old files.” However, in an era of information overload and employee turnover, companies can have a distinct competitive advantage if they efficiently maintain institutional knowledge in an archives. Why have a corporate archives? A functioning corporate… Read more »

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03 / 14 / 11

Notes from the Field: Mapping History with Sanborn Maps

For a historian, a good map can be a gold mine of valuable information. Beyond road names or topographical features, maps can show the historical arrangements of buildings, property owners, and even the location of a specific furnace in an industrial plant. Few maps do this better than Sanborn fire insurance maps, which depict the… Read more »

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02 / 28 / 11

Interpretation, Imagination, and the Art of Historical Writing

We are a society that distrusts historical writing. Preoccupation with the past is a weakness — rugged individualists look to the future. “Revisionism” invites contempt. The past is behind us and should stay put: how can there be a “new” interpretation?  But we delight in a good story nonetheless. Whether in conversation or on the… Read more »

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