06 / 06 / 19

The Power of a Picture: How Images Engage Visitors at the New Statue of Liberty Museum

The stereograph shows the Statue of Liberty’s oddly disembodied hand rising up from a tent, holding the flaming torch. Two people can be seen standing at the railing encircling the sculptured flame. The attraction was part of the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia, designed to raise money for the Statue’s pedestal. For 50 cents each,… Read more »

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05 / 22 / 19

AAM2019 – American Alliance of Museums Conference – Recap of Day 2

This is a second in a series of posts covering the American Alliance of Museums Annual Meeting in New Orleans (AAM2019). This year’s event is focused on how museums and cultural institutions can remain relevant, engaging, and inclusive in an era of rapid change. A team from History Associates is on hand for the event…. Read more »

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05 / 21 / 19

AAM2019 – American Alliance of Museums Conference – Recap of Day 1

The American Alliance of Museums Annual Meeting this year in New Orleans (AAM2019) is focused on how museums and cultural institutions can connect with the communities they serve in new ways. My colleagues, Phoebe McDougal, Carly Swaim, and Laura Starr are fanning out to see and report on as much as we can! Here are… Read more »

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02 / 11 / 19

Unfreezing 1923: How the Reopening of the Public Domain Opens Doors for Museums

After a 20-year freeze, a flood of new content is now available in the public domain: iconic films like Charlie Chaplin’s The Pilgrim, riveting reads by Willa Cather and H.G. Wells, remarkable works by M.C. Escher and Henri Matisse, and much more. The public domain has remained frozen in place since 1998. That year, Congress… Read more »

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12 / 07 / 17

Behind the Scenes: Insights of an Interpretive Planner

Interview with Halley Fehner, CIP, Content Director, Exhibits and Interpretive Planning How did your background influence your decision to become an Interpretive Planner? I come from a history-loving family who also really like to hike, so we visited a lot of historic sites, Civil War battlefields, museums, and national parks when I was growing up…. Read more »

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11 / 06 / 17

The Modern Museum: Trends in Cultural Institutions

Museums and historical sites are keepers of the past, but the ways they convey and share stories are constantly evolving. Today, institutions are actively redefining what it means to be a steward of history by updating interpretation, broadening audiences, and investing in new technologies. At History Associates, we attend conferences, seminars, and other training sessions,… Read more »

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09 / 26 / 17

Hidden Figures: Unearthing Black History in Museums and Archives

Museums and archives preserve and tell significant stories. They also serve their visitors, connecting people to their histories and providing an opportunity to hear otherwise unheard voices. Historically, both of these types of institutions were places of privilege, but today they serve increasingly diverse communities that demand inclusive narratives. As museums and archives work to… Read more »

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06 / 21 / 16

The Power of a Picture: Navigating High Resolution Image Acquisition and Licensing

Graphics provide powerful snapshots of historic events. We can all think of images that transported us back in time. Do you shiver for those determined patriots crossing the icy Delaware River beside George Washington? Or feel distressed by the mother’s haunting stare in Dorothea Lange’s famous Depression-era photograph? Considering the possibility for images to not… Read more »

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05 / 16 / 16

Behind the scenes on the Road to Tokyo: Telling the story of America’s WWII War in the Pacific

Road to Tokyo: Pacific Theater Galleries opened at The National WWII Museum in New Orleans last December after more than two years of intense work by a team of Museum staff, media producers, designers, fabricators, and content developers. History Associates served on the content development team for the new installation, which features ten galleries, each… Read more »

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03 / 03 / 15

Mapping History: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Making of Historical Maps

On June 6, 1944, thousands of Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy in what would become a turning point of the Second World War. There are many ways to portray this pivotal moment, but eyewitness accounts, photographs, and artifacts only tell part of the story. Maps, however, can tie these pieces together, adding a… Read more »

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