11 / 05 / 18

Start Your Museum CMS Selection Process with a Needs Assessment

Museums and cultural institutions use a database system better known as a collections management system (CMS) to help care for their collection of archives, historical objects, and artifacts. Galleries, museums and even libraries use a museum CMS to track and control all data and information related to the objects in the collection. Since a CMS… Read more »

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09 / 30 / 14

Recommended Resources for Assessing and Selecting Collections Management Software (CMS)

Evaluating and selecting the right collections management software for your organization is a critical first step in the process and one that should not be taken lightly. As collections management consultants, we frequently collaborate with clients and software developers to introduce or upgrade existing CMS solutions. In our experience, the most effective changeovers begin with… Read more »

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05 / 01 / 13

Corporate Collections: Preserve Your Past, Promote Your Legacy

In recent years, History Associates has seen an increase in the interest of high-profile companies to create and/or develop corporate collections. The Levi Strauss Visitor Center, built to commemorate the company’s 150th anniversary, displays a pair of jeans from 1890 and features four decades of television ads. Visitors to the World of Coca-Cola will find… Read more »

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