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05 / 12 / 14

WWII and Korean War Industrial Mobilization: History Programs and Related Records

This is a modified version of a presentation I did for the 2014 Society for History in the Federal Government conference in April. This version focuses on the legal usefulness, in environmental cases, of the official agency histories and records concerning U.S. industrial mobilization for war and defense during World War II, the Korean War,… Read more »

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03 / 19 / 12

Is Google Making You Fat? Tips for Conducting “Lean and Mean” On-line Historical Research

The amount of on-line content continues to grow exponentially, making the Internet an indispensable tool in historical research. Clay Johnson, on-line database expert and author of the cleverly written book The Information Diet, contends that with so much readily available on-line data, it is critical to make informed choices, maintaining a “healthy diet” of information… Read more »

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