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11 / 21 / 14

Preventing Data Loss: Steps Toward Long-Term Digital Preservation

Will you be able to access your important digital documents twenty years from now? Data from NASA’s Viking missions to Mars in the 1970s was nearly lost to history. It was stored on magnetic tape that began to dry out and crack. Realizing the problem, NASA completed the painstaking task of transferring this data onto… Read more »

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05 / 30 / 14

Assessing Senator Byrd’s Digital Files – Early Results

Arranging and preserving digital materials has been an ongoing challenge for repositories that hold the collections of U.S. senators and representatives. Our digital archives team recently joined forces with the Byrd Center for Legislative Studies (Byrd CLS) to conduct a pilot project on a selection of Senator Byrd’s digital files. Our goal for the project… Read more »

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05 / 02 / 14

Preservation Week Project: Assessing 255 GB of Senator Byrd’s Digital Files

Many archival repositories are grappling with the challenges of preserving and arranging digital information. As this material sits unprocessed, it is not only unavailable to researchers but it runs a higher risk of becoming lost forever. Is there a better way for archivists to manage electronic documents? In honor of “Preservation Week,” our digital archives… Read more »

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