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05 / 23 / 16

Tip for Creating a Memorable Company History – Oral Histories

A chronological timeline of events might form the backbone of a company history, but the details within the events are what makes for a good story. Oral histories provide the personal recollections that can make the account of an event much more memorable and meaningful. For example, History Associates began when two of our founders… Read more »

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06 / 24 / 15

A Beginning, a Middle, and an End: The Difference between Chronology and History

Everyone knows that history is supposed to provide a solid record and perhaps even teach us something. We also know that a compelling history is, above all, a good story. But how to create it? There is an old saw, “life is one damn thing after another,” which occasionally gets sharpened up and applied to… Read more »

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02 / 28 / 11

Interpretation, Imagination, and the Art of Historical Writing

We are a society that distrusts historical writing. Preoccupation with the past is a weakness — rugged individualists look to the future. “Revisionism” invites contempt. The past is behind us and should stay put: how can there be a “new” interpretation?  But we delight in a good story nonetheless. Whether in conversation or on the… Read more »

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