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09 / 05 / 19

What’s in a Name? How Place Names Reveal Our History

Builders have always laid claim to historical memory. Early settlers adopted variations of names coined by Native Americans; later generations took on the names of disappearing farms, fields, and mills. More recently, real estate developers have learned that place names are just a beginning—that yesterday’s authentic stories can add value to today’s communities. Take Clarksburg,… Read more »

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05 / 07 / 19

Keep The Anniversary Celebration Going! Tips for Managing and Preserving Your Historical Assets

Your history is the backbone of your anniversary celebration. Using historical assets that are uniquely yours — like photographs, historic logos, videos, and company archives — makes your story come to life. While you are preparing for the celebration, you have a golden opportunity to revitalize your archives. Properly organizing and storing your company’s historical… Read more »

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07 / 25 / 16

Targeting Historical Federal Contracts: Research Strategies That Work

The federal government does much of its business through contracts. These documents define the relationship between the government and its contractors. Sometimes, years later, disputes arise involving the work performed under these agreements. Knowing the terms and context of these documents has helped our clients to resolve a variety of long-standing environmental, toxic tort, product… Read more »

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