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06 / 06 / 19

The Power of a Picture: How Images Engage Visitors at the New Statue of Liberty Museum

The stereograph shows the Statue of Liberty’s oddly disembodied hand rising up from a tent, holding the flaming torch. Two people can be seen standing at the railing encircling the sculptured flame. The attraction was part of the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia, designed to raise money for the Statue’s pedestal. For 50 cents each,… Read more »

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11 / 18 / 14

Taking Timelines Beyond Two Dimensions

Museum exhibits have long used timelines to communicate events and trends. Sprawling across museum walls, these time-tested graphics pack in details and provide context to a general audience. However, history is not two dimensional. As demand for online history increases, new and innovative virtual exhibits have become available. These more engaging experiences take advantage of… Read more »

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05 / 01 / 13

The Power of Artifacts to Elevate the Story

The word “artifact” may conjure up a mental image of something archaic — a dusty old object that is stored away and no longer relevant. But when revealed through the right lens, artifacts become powerful tools for bringing a story to life. The storytelling power has nothing to do with the value, age, or beauty… Read more »

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