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The Continued Relevance of Rigorous Targeted MGP Site Historical Research

Poster presentation at the MGP 2012 conference, March 27-30, 2012 in Chicago, IL.

Though historical research into Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) sites for legal purposes is not new to remediators and regulators, what is perhaps remarkable is that such research after more than a generation of MGP remediation is still urgently needed.

Public utilities in many communities are finding themselves under increased public and legal pressure to document the range of MGPs they were, or were not, associated with in any given historic service territory.  Seemingly certain knowledge gleaned earlier about one’s corporate properties is now being tested in the fire of judicial and regulatory settings, which also place a premium on finding out other parties beyond the old MGP and its operators that may have contributed as a potentially responsible party (PRP) to the waste at a site.

All these trends demand a careful yet efficient and professional application of historical research techniques, especially if multiple sites and time-intensive deadlines are involved. Our poster presentation outlines the key techniques that can be applied when faced with this type of challenge.

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