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Milestones are chances to celebrate history, focus on future

Many groups are using milestones to celebrate history, strategically highlight industry impact, reposition their focus, and reach new audiences.

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The Historian’s Valuable Role as Expert and Advisor in Environmental Litigation

This article details how lawyers can utilize the services of professional historians at several stages of the litigation process.

Using Historical Research to Make Your Case: A Survey of Key Federal Records

This presentation provides an overview of the types of federal government records that can be useful to environmental practitioners and how to find them.

The Value of Historical Research to In-House Counsel

Attorneys can learn about their company’s past and leverage this knowledge to advise corporate managers and mitigate current and future legal liabilities.

Researching Past Uses of New York Industrial Sites

New York and federal records repositories can provide key information about industrial sites which can provide valuable guidance in legal environmental issues.

Searching in the Past

The importance of professional, historical research in accurately reconstructing the record of the past.

Working With Lawyers: A Historian’s Perspective

Historians conducting research for litigation provide skills necessary to conduct efficient research or subject matter expertise linked to particular legal disputes.

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