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Universal Avionics 30th Anniversary Book

Universal Avionics: Thirty Years of Innovation (2011)

hist-uasc-coverWritten to commemorate Universal Avionics’ 30th anniversary, this richly illustrated book tells how a company built on one man’s vision for centralizing cockpit navigation systems became an innovative leader in avionics. The story is based on research into company archives, supplemented with background industry research and oral history interviews with key personnel. The narrative takes the reader from the genesis of Universal Avionics, when founder Hubert L. Naimer led the development of the first Flight Management System, through the next three decades as the company patented numerous avionics systems that help improve flight safety for all types of aircraft. Each chapter includes human interest sidebars and historical photographs to create an engaging story for aviation professionals as well as the casual reader. Hardcover, 9.25” x 9.25”, 94 full-color pages.

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