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CooperVision Commemorative History Book

More Than Meets the Eye: The CooperVision Story (2015)

CooperVision Commemorative History BookThis commemorative history book was created as a tribute to CooperVision’s employees, tracing nearly forty years of company growth and innovation. The story begins in 1958, when Parker Montgomery, a restless financier, purchased an under-performing pharmaceutical business and renamed it Cooper Laboratories—setting events in motion that would lead to the multinational contact lens maker that is CooperVision today. The fast-paced story is based on oral history interviews, secondary research sources, and information from the company’s archives. Supplemented with photos and images gathered from the research, the book is also visually striking with colorful watercolor elements from CooperVision’s refreshed brand image throughout. Hard cover, 9.25” x 9.25”, 58 full color pages with photos and illustrations.

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