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MPR Associates 50th Anniversary Book

Sustaining Excellence: MPR Associates, The First Fifty Years (2015)

MPR Associates 50th Anniversary BookThis 50th anniversary book tells the story of MPR Associates. It begins in 1964 when three successful engineers from the U.S. Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program struck out on their own to start their own company in a brand-new nuclear power industry. From the start, founders Harry Mandil, Bob Panoff, and Ted Rockwell were committed to building a team of talented people who would help shape the company well into the future. The high value they placed on rigorous technical skill and engineering excellence guided the company to grow into services beyond nuclear energy to include renewable energy, US government security, and health and life sciences industries. The staff has grown as well from three to nearly 250 employees today.

To write the story, History Associates conducted oral history interviews with eleven key figures in MPR’s history, enhanced by documentary research into MPR records, Navy, Atomic Energy Commission archives, and Department of Energy Record Groups at the National Archives. Historians also reviewed online and in local libraries for secondary information about MPR found in books, reports, and trade publications.

The fast-paced narrative was written for a general audience and includes illustrated timelines to start each chapter. The book also includes sidebars that feature related anecdotes, interview excerpts, and documents – as well as many captioned images that add to the MPR story. Hard cover book with dust jacket, 9.25” x 9.25”, 124 full color pages. Published in 2015.


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