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George W. Carver Historic Resource Study

He Shall Direct Thy Paths: The Early Life of George W. Carver (2014)

hist-gwcnm-coverThis historic resource study was commissioned by the National Park Service to interpret the early life experiences of George Washington Carver, famous scientist, agriculturalist, educator, and humanitarian. It fills important gaps in the scholarship by emphasizing Carver’s childhood years on the Moses Carver farm—now the site of the George W. Carver National Monument.

Key research findings include Carver’s religious awakening while living on the farm which informed his view on the natural world and his environmental thinking. The research methodology included a multi-archival approach and utilized Carver’s own written words when possible. The final report is intended for park managers and cultural resources specialists and thus concludes with an examination of extant historic, natural, and cultural resources at the national monument.

The report includes a foldout, full-color cultural resources base map—also researched and created by History Associates—that annotates the monument’s significant resources over time. This rigorously researched and documented study includes extensive footnotes and a bibliography. Softcover perfect-bound book, 8.5” x 11”, 154 pages with black-and-white illustrations.

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