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D&H Distributing Corporate History Book

Looking Around the Corner: A Century of Innovation, Evolution & Transformation at D&H Distributing (2013)

hist-d-and-h-coverWritten to commemorate the company’s 95th anniversary, the story begins with the company’s origins as the Williamsport Auto Wrecking Company in 1918, a realization of the American Dream for immigrant founder and entrepreneur David Schwab. Mr. Schwab then launched D&H Distributing in 1929 to capitalize on an emerging market for home radio sets, which led to successful diversification over the years into television, electronics, computers, and related IT products. The book is filled with historical photos and imagery that bring the characters and the company to life. Based on oral histories with the company’s key leaders, the book is supplemented with research from secondary publications and the company archives. Softcover, 8.5” x 8.5”, 44 full-color pages.

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