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SEC Historical Society Virtual Museum & Oral History Project

projects-histories-nyse-200x135In fulfilling its mission to document America’s regulatory heritage, the Securities and Exchange Commission Historical Society engaged History Associates to assist in its oral history project. Beginning in 2005 with a project focusing on the SEC’s women commissioners, History Associates executive vice president Dr. Kenneth D. Durr has, over the years, conducted over one hundred interviews with former SEC staffers, state regulators, securities lawyers, and financial industry executives on behalf of the SECHistorical Society.

An Organizational History, told with Oral Histories

Interviews were wide-ranging, depending upon the society’s desires. Some offered a broad narrative recap of the subject’s career, while others were more narrowly focused on a specific set of issues or events in securities history.

For all interviews, History Associates provided the SEC Historical Society with an edited transcript and audio files (mp3 and wma), which are available to the public at the SEC virtual museum and archive.

Speaking about the SEC Women Commissioners Project, SEC Historical Society executive director Carla Rosati said, “The interviews are an unparalleled body of information.”

An Organizational History Virtual Archive

When the society decided to begin telling the Commission’s story online in a series of “virtual” history galleries, it again called on History Associates to create 431 Days: Joseph P. Kennedy and the Creation of the SEC, which features twenty-four virtual “rooms” organized under six major themes.

Curated by Dr. Durr and senior historian Dr. Adrian Kinnane, the Joseph P. Kennedy Gallery contains 202 original documents such as letters, memos, telegrams, diary excerpts, committee reports, congressional testimony, articles, and speeches by key figures in the early SEC story. The gallery also displays 61 photographs, cartoons, and other images, as well as 5 radio and movie news clips that help bring the story to life.

In 2010, History Associates curated a second virtual gallery entitled The Institution of Experience: Self-Regulatory Organization in the Securities Industry, 1791-2010. This gallery illuminates the 200-year evolution of self-regulatory organizations within the American securities industry. It highlights the development of self-regulation-from the early member-owned stock exchanges created in the wake of the first Wall Street crash in 1792, to the New Deal legislation that led to the creation of the SEC, to the rise of computer and Internet technology that effectively transformed the industry faster than government regulators could keep up.

History Associates continues to curate virtual galleries for the SEC Historical Society, including

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