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DuPont’s 200-Year Anniversary

DuPont: On-line Archive and History Coffee-Table Book

As one of the few major corporations to grow up with the nation, E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company understood the importance of leveraging its business history for its approaching 200-year anniversary. The company turned to History Associates to help commemorate the event with an online corporate history and a coffee table history book.

OnLine Corporate History

History Associates first turned to the digital solution: a web-based compendium of hundreds of essays covering people, plants and products that figured in 200 years of business history. The site also documented such broader subjects as “research,” “corporate culture,” and “investor relations.”

The DuPont Heritage site,, has become a valuable resource for students, employees, retirees, and journalists who want to know more about DuPont’s business, its corporate history and its legendary products.

Coffee Table History Book

Our exhaustive documentary and photographic research for the online archive was also put to work in creating a richly illustrated 268-page coffee table history book that combined authoritative text with high impact design and graphics.

DuPont’s charge to author Adrian Kinnane in writing From the Banks of the Brandywine to the Miracles of Science was, in the words of company officials, to “occupy the middle ground” — to observe the highest historical standards but produce a work that was “still eminently readable by employees, retirees, and the general public.” Our success at achieving this dual objective was confirmed by noted historian John Kenly Smith, who pronounced the book “intelligent, informative, and honest to a fault.”

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