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Reliving the Woodstock Music Festival: The Museum at Bethel Woods

The Museum at Bethel WoodsHistory Associates image researchers worked alongside a group of designers, filmmakers, interactive developers, and the museum’s in-house team to create one of the country’s most intriguing new institutions.

The Museum at Bethel Woods wanted to create exhibits that would be as unique and powerful as the museum’s historic location. Built on the site of the 1969 Woodstock music festival, the museum examines the meaning and significance of the festival as a defining moment for the turbulent decade that helped shape modern America.

History Associates helped develop the museum storyline, wrote label text, and collected hundreds of historical images. We also wrestled with the challenging task of trying to document an event that has become an iconic part of America’s cultural landscape — an event where memories and myth have become inescapably interwoven.

We worked with exhibit designer Gallagher & Associates to create interactive exhibits, multimedia presentations with never-before-seen footage, personal stories, and artifacts to provide an unparalleled look at one of the culminating events of a decade.

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