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Exhibit Writing for New York State Museum and the Caen Peace Memorial: 9/11

History Associates’ exhibit writers, working in coordination with exhibit designer Gallagher & Associates and staff at the New York State Museum and the Caen Memorial, had the challenging—and sometimes emotional—task of developing a narrative text to help visitors interpret the tragic events of September 11. History Associates also helped coordinate final exhibit production of the text panels in French and English. An online version was created in conjunction with the final exhibition, which includes the same narrative.

9/11 Museum Exhibit Researchprojects-9-11-online-exhibit

The New York State Museum and the Caen Peace Memorial seized a unique opportunity to examine the lasting impact of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Combining artifacts, personal testimonies, and powerful imagery, the “A Global Moment” exhibit that went on display at the Caen Peace Memorial in Normandy, France, on June 6, 2008, provides a compelling visitor experience. Many of the artifacts were collected by the New York State Museum during recovery and salvage operations at the World Trade Center. Others were donated by victims or their families.

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For the first time in a Western museum, this exhibition examined the broader historical context of September 11 by interpreting the actions and ideology of Al Qaeda before the attacks and the Western intervention in Afghanistan that followed.

As Mark Schaming, director of exhibitions and programs at the New York State Museum observed at the time of the opening, “It’s probably the most comprehensive exhibition on this subject to date.”

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