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Preserving the Archives of National Park Service Sites

Fort Union Historic Trading PostMany National Park Service (NPS) sites maintain archival collections that support their resource and cultural management activities. These collections contain important historical and operational records about the sites, but many are unprocessed and largely inaccessible. In some cases, the collections are too small to justify a permanent staff archivist; in others, processing backlogs are too large for existing staff to handle. In both situations, collections are not available to users.

Since 2001 History Associates has worked with NPS professionals to address these challenges, following NPS policies and procedures and using its software. We have provided archives preservation services to more than sixty  NPS sites as part of many different contracts:  writing processing and file plans, cataloging books and photographs, processing and cataloging collections, and conducting surveys for NPS sites from Fort Union Historic Trading Post on the North Dakota/Montana border to Independence National Historical Park in downtown Philadelphia.

A Tailored Approach to Archival Preservation

History Associates understands that each NPS site is different and tailors its approach by developing custom products for each site. Not every NPS client has the space for us to process collections on site, and many have temporarily entrusted their valuable materials to the professional care of History Associates at our secure and climate-controlled facility.

History Associates archivists have consistently displayed the flexibility to meet each site’s needs, successfully delivering on-time and high-quality products which bring the archival collections of the NPS to light.

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