How corporate genealogy research can reduce a client’s liability in toxic tort litigation.

Corporate Genealogy Research

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How corporate genealogy research can reduce a client’s liability in toxic tort litigation.  Client Challenge A well-known agricultural equipment company reached out to HAI for help when it was named as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by a retired …

Product Liability Cases

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The reconstruction of the fact record is critical in product liability cases. Client Challenge In an asbestos exposure case brought before a state court in South Carolina, plaintiff’s alleged that the North American manufacturer of commercial and residential building materials …

Tracing Holocaust Assets

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HAI investigators determine the rightful ownership of Holocaust-era looted art. Client Challenge When questions arose surrounding the rightful ownership of a painting sold at auction, a law firm representing a claimant contacted HAI for assistance in investigating whether the artwork …

River and Harbor Investigations

Industrialized Waterways and Watersheds

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Using historical research to identify potentially responsible parties (PRPs) associated with a heavily industrialized waterway. Client Challenge When a Fortune 100 company was faced with natural resource damage and liability claims related to past operations along a heavily industrialized waterway, …

Manufactured Gas Plant Investigations

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Where do insurers and reinsurers go when they need historical research in support of a long-tail liability claim dispute? Client Challenge When outside counsel for several national insurers and reinsurers found themselves in a complex long-tail insurance liability case involving …

Slavery Disclosure Investigation

Slavery Disclosure Research

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A city ordinance requires that all financial institutions disclose historical investments or profits from slavery. Client Challenge A major U.S. financial institution was entering into a service contract with the City of Chicago, but a city ordinance required that the …

Investigating Environmental Claims

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Using forensic historical research to determine the allocation of environmental cleanup costs. Client Challenge A major chemical manufacturer had been the “contractor-operator” for two government-owned, contractor-operated (GOCO) plants in St. Louis, Missouri, during the Second World War.  At the time, …

Common Knowledge Investigations

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How do you score a touchdown when documenting “common knowledge” for a statute of limitation case? Client Challenge Counsel at a national law firm sought to obtain a summary judgment in a high-profile antitrust suit against the National Football League.  …