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Overcoming institutional challenges with digital preservation

Previously, we spoke with our partner, Preservica, about the differences between digitization and digital preservation. In this follow-up post, Preservica joins us again to explore how digital preservation can actually help organizations overcome common challenges.

Pandemic events have placed an even greater emphasis on the importance of making all content accessible in a digital format. All organizations looking to meet the needs of internal and external communities in new, innovative ways need to evaluate their digital ecosystem to ensure they are meeting expectations and maximizing their impact. Vendors working together like HAI and Preservica can help your organization build a digital preservation program from scratch by extending your capacity, pointing you to the right tools, and fast-tracking implementation.

Here are seven common institutional challenges and how Preservica and digital preservation can help you overcome them:


Preservica Starter offers a set of FREE (and forever available), low-cost digital preservation solutions, making it easy and affordable to preserve, curate and share digital content online in minutes. As your program grows, Preservica saves you money with low-cost capacity upgrades.

Difficulty Accessing Technical Resources for Migration

Migrating content from one or more legacy systems into Preservica can be done easily and does not require additional technical resources. This allows organizations to simplify their digital landscape and reduce costs. Once the content is in Preservica, the software future-proofs all types of digital content against technology obsolescence, ensuring it remains accessible and trustworthy over decades to meet legal, compliance, statutory and brand value needs.

Simple/Accessible Learning

The Preservica Community Hub enables online learning, allowing you to connect with other users to share best practices, access self-service support, build digital preservation knowledge and have your say on the future direction of Preservica solutions.

Reaching Underserved and/or New Audiences

Preservica’s built-in access portal means you can provide easy, secure and immediate internal or public access to your images, documents, AV files, website snapshots, emails and records, providing new levels of flexibility and productivity for your staff.

Institutional Relevancy

If resources aren’t online, do they/you even exist? In a changing world where people rely on what is available electronically, Preservica allows you to make your content easily accessible for staff, customers, and stakeholders.

Access Control and Scalability

Preservica features granular access controls, allowing you to protect sensitive information so that it is accessible only to those who are authorized to see it. The platform’s storage capabilities ensures that you can grow and scale as your digital program footprint expands well into the future.

Fighting Disinformation (Fake News)

As information gatekeepers, it is critical that your staff and stakeholders can access accurate legacy content to make the best decisions about future projects. Preservica helps you fight disinformation with checksums, audit trails, and controlled access, ensuring the trustworthiness and long-term integrity of your content.

Explore digital preservation on your own:

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