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Mimi Eisen

Research Historian

Mimi Eisen History AssociatesResearch Historian Mimi Eisen conducts historical, museum, interpretive planning, and litigation research. Shortly before joining History Associates, she graduated with an MA in American history from Brown University. There, she specialized in civil rights, law, and citizenship in the late-nineteenth and twentieth centuries with a secondary focus in digital public humanities. Her work has involved combining digital tools with extensive historical research to produce legible and accessible projects and her public-facing digital history project, “Hidden in Plain Sight: Cemeteries and Civil Rights,” was featured in the National Council on Public History’s publication History@Work.

Prior to graduate school, Mimi worked as the history specialist at an academic and test prep company in Philadelphia and taught a wide range of students in high school-level and AP US, European, and world history. In this capacity, she was afforded the opportunity to help her students absorb the lessons available in historical narratives and connect them to larger processes. In so doing, she gained a keen knowledge of various learning styles and discrepancies in scholarly and public history narratives. She also holds a BA from Cornell University, where she majored in history and minored in law & society.


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