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Mike Reis

Senior Vice President

mike-reisMike Reis serves as an expert witness historian in litigation engagements, assists with business development, and draws on his extensive historical knowledge to advise colleagues and clients. He served as director of History Associates’ targeted research for litigation/legal clients from 2004 to 2015 and has managed a diverse range of projects since he joined History Associates in 1995. He possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise concerning federal, state, local, and organizational records relating to former military, government, and private industrial facilities; potentially responsible party (PRP) identification in environmental matters; manufactured gas and electric plant operating practices; standard practices and alleged hazards concerning asbestos, solvents, and many other materials; patents and trademarks; and legislative and regulatory history.

Mike has provided deposition or trial testimony in environmental, toxic tort, building law, and historic preservation cases, as well as numerous expert reports and affidavits. His expert historian reports, publications, and presentations include:

  • “Warmly Argued: A Brief Historical Look at Two Centuries of Climate Change Findings in Public Dialogue,” Marine Corps University (MCU) Journal 2016 Special Issue on Climate Change & Policy
  • Expert Report in Patricia F. Wagers v. Bowater Incorporated, before General Court of Justice, Superior Court Division, Greenville County, South Carolina (Spring 2010)
  • “The Historian’s Valuable Role as Expert and Advisor in Environmental Litigation,” coauthored, American Bar Association (ABA) Environmental Litigator (Spring 2011)
  • “Researching Environmental History during the Truman Era in the National Archives,” in Karl Boyd Brooks, ed., The Environmental Legacy of Harry S. Truman (Truman State University Press, 2009)
  • “Getting Needed Information from Government Archives,” continuing accredited legal education (CLE) course outline for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute (Spring 2007)
  • “Wartime Mobilization and the Newark Bay Home Front Environment: A Case Study Revealing Opportunity for Federal Leadership in Resolving Mega Site Problems,” Environmental Claims Journal (Fall 2006)
  • ”Searching in the Past,” Legal Times, March 10, 2003
  • “CERCLA Claims against the Government: Rediscovering World War II Contracting Rules,” (coauthored), BNA Federal Contracts Report (Sept. 9, 1996)

Mike has served also as a historian-consultant to the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Office of Hydropower Licensing and as research director for a historic preservation firm specializing in Section (106) historic resources surveys and related compliance reports. He holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Loyola College and a master’s degree in history from The George Washington University.


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Mike Reis
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Senioe Vice President
History Associates
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