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Justin Broubalow

Research Historian

Research Historian Justin Broubalow conducts research for litigation and interpretive planning. He specializes in the history of public policy and using digital methods to create historical content for a broad range of audiences. Justin is currently a doctoral candidate at George Mason University where he is writing a history of the relationship between U.S. immigration policy-making and foreign relations in the early twentieth century.

Before joining History Associates, Justin worked at the Roy Rosezweig Center for History and New Media, working on the development of digital history education projects. His previous project experience includes the creation of content for secondary school-aged students and managing courses for teaching historical thinking to educators. He draws on his experience as a former high school social studies teacher to present quality historical scholarship in easily-accessible formats. Justin holds a BA in history from American University and an MAT in social studies education from The College of New Jersey.



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