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Emily Sullivan

Research Historian

Emily Sullivan History AssociatesResearch Historian Emily Sullivan conducts research for a number of historical, museum, interpretive planning and litigation projects. She joined History Associates as a fellow through American University in 2016 before joining the team full time. Her work primarily involves drafting museum content, researching and collecting images, conducting historical research, and writing social media posts for museum clients. In addition to her work in the exhibit and interpretive fields, Emily has experience processing archival collections.

Emily has previously interned at the National Museum of the US Navy with the Education department and as Assistant to the Curator at the Guilford Keeping Society. She earned her B.A. in American History from Boston University in 2013 and an M.A. in Public History from American University in 2018. While at American, she conducted interviews for the Veteran’s History Project and workshopped a visitor services experience for the National Museum of American History. She was invited to present her article “Inventing Polynesia: The Appropriation and Creation of Polynesia in Twentieth Century Tiki Bars” at the James A. Barnes Club Graduate Student History Conference at Temple University. Since 2013, she has managed a blog exploring food history and historic recipes.




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