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Brian W. Martin


Brian MartinBrian W. Martin focuses on enhancing History Associates’ reputation for providing exceptional service to our clients and satisfying work for our talented staff. In addition to leading the enterprise, interacting with clients, and supporting the work of his colleagues, Dr. Martin is also a frequent speaker and writer, engaging professional audiences regarding the business of history, digital history, and developing the next generation of practicing historians. He is a longtime member of the policy board for the National Coalition for History that educates and advocates on behalf of the history and archives communities.

Since joining History Associates in 1984, Dr. Martin has worked with hundreds of corporate and government clients to answer their historical questions, tell their stories, and manage their records. To establish the historical facts at issue in a variety of legal matters, he has developed research plans and led projects that examine historical developments in the chemical, petroleum, aerospace, nuclear, metals, electrical, transportation, and other industries. He is an expert in gaining access to public records and researching the historical context of American business-government relations, the military-industrial complex, and environmental regulation. He has also investigated water rights issues, Native American claims, occupational health matters, and government contract disputes. Dr. Martin has provided expert witness testimony in several cases.

Dr. Martin directed various historical projects for a major energy company celebrating its centennial and wrote a labor relations history for a federal power marketing administration.

He also worked as a records manager for a small federal agency, and coordinated History Associates’ role in several digital archives projects.

Dr. Martin earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Gettysburg College, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa. He earned his master’s degree in applied history and social science and his Ph.D. in history and policy from Carnegie Mellon University.


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