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Rodney P. Carlisle


4Rodney P. Carlisle, a founding member of History Associates, offers extensive expertise in oral history, petroleum policy, energy history, naval R&D policy, nuclear reactors, technology and policy, press and media, and post-Cold War military strategy. His publications include Encyclopedia of the Atomic Age; Where the Fleet Begins: A History of the David Taylor Research Center, 1899-1987; and Supplying the Nuclear Arsenal: American Production Reactors, 1942-1992. Dr. Carlisle has also co-written Jack Tar: A Sailor’s Life with J. Welles Henderson, which chronicles daily life aboard merchant and naval ships between 1750 and 1910, and Brandy, Our Man in Acapulco: The Life and Times of Colonel Frank M. Brandstetter with Dominic Monetta, about a Hungarian immigrant who became a noted hotelier and Army intelligence officer.

Rodney is professor emeritus of history at Rutgers University in Camden, New Jersey, where he has taught courses in recent American history, the history of espionage, nuclear history, and public history. He is a graduate of Harvard College and received his master’s and doctoral degrees in history from the University of California at Berkeley.

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