2022: Lawdragon Top 100 recognizes HAI for second consecutive year

Date: June 8, 2022
Contact: Addison Williams
Telephone: 301.279.9697


HAI is thrilled to announce that Lawdragon has included HAI Vice President Jason Gart in its 6th Annual Global 100 Leaders in Legal Strategy & Consulting in 2022. This prestigious honor builds upon the inclusion of both HAI and Dr. Gart in 2021’s list as well.

Dr. Gart has been recognized as the top global “Historical Detective.” An applied historian, his expertise includes historical and factual research methods, business and institutional history, environmental history, and corporate genealogy research. Dr. Gart has successfully directed upward of four hundred historical research investigations, including multiple high-profile assignments for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, which have enabled his clients to reduce their financial liability, obtain successful judgements, and comply with regulatory requirements.

As a leading research consultancy serving national and regional law firms, general counsel at large, corporations, federal agencies, and state attorneys general, HAI’s Research & Analysis group has unsurpassed knowledge of federal, state, and local records systems and expertise conducting research around the globe in a wide variety of archives, libraries, government offices, and private record collections. HAI’s multidisciplinary team of PhD and MA-trained historians, researchers, archivists, and subject-matter experts have successfully completed historical investigations throughout the United States and around the globe.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Lawdragon for their continued recognition of the tenets that make up HAI’s mission. As the list’s sole Historical Detective for the second year running, we deeply appreciate this showcase of Mr. Gart’s and his team’s distinctive litigation-related skills and experience.

Congratulations to everyone else who made this year’s Lawdragon Global 100 Leaders list. It is a great honor to be acknowledged for this prestigious distinction alongside you all.

To see the entire list of honorees, visit Lawdragon’s list at https://www.lawdragon.com/guides/2022-05-25-the-2022-lawdragon-global-100-leaders-in-strategy-consulting.

About HAI

HAI is the leading professional services firm delivering research, discovery, and experience solutions to government, legal, association and institution, and commercial clients worldwide. Our multidisciplinary team offers research and analysis, archives and information management, content and digital storytelling, and cultural heritage and technology services.  We help clients achieve their missions by harnessing and leveraging the power of knowledge and information.

For more information, call 301.279.9697 or contact HAI today.

About Lawdragon

Lawdragon is a leading online legal media company that has provided editorial and sponsored content since 2005, including the industry’s most celebrated photojournalism. Lawdragon’s elite guides to the most effective legal professionals in the world are based on extensive research and a true insider’s knowledge of this essential profession.

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