Jenna Hill

Research Historian | Detail-Oriented Researcher

“People are at the core of history. Understanding their lives and motivations is at the core of what we do, and what I strive to reflect in every project.”

Work at HAI

At HAI, Jenna splits her time between creating content for exhibits and conducting research for litigation clients. When she is not acquiring thousands of images for an exhibit, she is digging deep into records at the National Archives. Jenna likes to keep an open mind in her work, and strives to find creative and insightful ways not only to tell stories, but to also research records.

Jenna is detail-oriented and likes to keep projects organized and on track. Her work at HAI includes image acquisition, content writing, and in-depth research at various repositories. In the past, she has focused on disability history, corporate history, and family history, but has expanded her horizons at HAI. 

Her clients include:

  • Center Art Studio
  • Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum 
  • Everglades National Park
  • Gwynnie Bee
  • Illinois Action for Children
  • Loghaven Artists Residency
  • Pearson Education
  • Sitka National Historic Park
  • University of Delaware, Engineering Department

Her subject-matter expertise includes:

  • Corporate genealogies and histories
  • National Archives Navy records
  • Potentially responsible party (PRP) searches
  • Environmental pollution research
  • Sanborn and Interstate Commerce Commission maps
Path to HAI

Before joining HAI in 2018, Jenna started her museum journey at her local historical society back home in Illinois. She volunteered at the Historic Waco Foundation while at college, and interned at the National Archives facilities in Chicago and College Park. During her internship at the Daughters of the American Revolution, she cataloged and described family history documents and Revolutionary War records. In her own time, she has also been conducting genealogical research for the past 9 years.

In 2018, Jenna received a master’s degree in public history at American University, where she took coursework in oral history, digital history, and exhibit design. While in graduate school, Jenna workshopped a visitor experience for the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, developed a website for Dupont Underground, and worked as the Public History Fellow at the American University Archives, Peace Corps Collection where she blogged about and processed the artifacts and documents in the collection. She majored in history and double minored in Anthropology and Chinese at Baylor University, graduating in 2015.