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Associations and institutions take pride in the value of their mission and the excellence of their execution in support of it.

We have worked with hundreds of museums, historic sites, colleges, universities, unions, associations, federations, and non-profit organizations large and small to help them preserve and present the past. We provide a wide range of services that support their central missions, such as preserving historic material or educating the public on aspects of history.

Stakeholders and communities know your reputation as experts. Whether you’re focused on your own organizational history or historical materials in your care, you’ll want a partner who can bring the same authenticity and integrity to your historical project that you would.

For your history needs as an association or institution, HAI is here to uphold your high standards.

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HAI Services for Associations & Institutions

Content & Digital Storytelling Services
Bringing Your Stories to Life

While the information in any history must be curated, organized, and shared–content development and storytelling is about framing and communicating your narrative in a professional and meaningful way.

Digital Transformation Services
Reliable Digital Information is More Important Than Ever

We help organizations and enterprises transform from paper-based data blackholes into modern digital information powerhouses.

Litigation Research and Analysis
Historical Detectives for the Most Challenging Research Questions

Providing discreet and time-sensitive historical research, data, and analysis to law firms in support of complex legal matters, regulatory compliance, and public relations.

Archives & Information Management Services
Bringing Order Out of Chaos

Your organization knows how quickly electronic records and historical materials can accumulate into a formidable web of information that requires substantial resource investments to untangle.