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Create a sustainable plan for your records, carefully facilitate office close-out, and ensure access and preservation of your legacy.

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A congressional career generates a sizable collection of papers, digital records, photos, and memorabilia that could provide important context for writing a book or memoir, and may also be of particular interest to future scholars, journalists, and policymakers.

While you’re in office, having an ongoing records management program reduces clutter and makes this information easier to find and use—even with the high staff turnover typical of a congressional office.

When it is time to leave office, your legacy is in danger of being lost. In the hectic rush of trying to take care of departing staff, managing administrative closeout duties, and preparing for the next step of your career, who is looking after the legacy your office has created?

HAI is an active member of the Association of Centers for the Study of Congress.

HAI provides superior solutions:

  • Paper and Electronic Records Inventory
  • Photographs and Memorabilia Inventory
  • Digital Content Assessments
  • Records Management Support
  • Web Archiving
  • Consulting & Advising Services:
    • Selection & Coordination with an Archival Repository
    • Appraisal and File Organization
  • Wrapping and Packing
  • Oral Histories and Storytelling


Megan O'Hern, C.A.

Director of Archives and Collections Management
Direct: 301.279.9697
DUNS Number: 037704574
CAGE Code: 9Y474

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  • “HAI has provided outstanding services to our Office since 2009. HAI’s archivists inventoried the Senator’s papers and memorabilia with great care and professionalism. We continue to rely on their professional guidance and collaborative approach to preserving the Senator’s archives.”

    Jayne Balzano
    Administrative Director, Congressional Office

  • “From the beginning, we were impressed with History Associates and how professional they were in dealing with our office. Everyone was wonderful and I recommended them to other offices as well.”

    Pat Doak
    U.S. Senate Office

  • “The advice, expertise, and workflow that History Associates staff provided has enabled us to more confidently process born digital materials according to developing best practices. As a result of their work, we are now in a much better position going forward to manage our digital holdings.”

    Marc Levitt
    Former Director of Archives, Robert C. Byrd Center for Legislative Studies

  • “Without the help of History Associates, it might have taken years – rather than weeks – to make these papers available to the public.”

    Leon Miller
    Head of the Louisiana Research Collection (LaRC), Tulane University regarding Papers of Senator David Vitter