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Savvy companies attract customers, clients, and employees with the power of history.

Your corporation is driven to maximize shareholder and stakeholder value. Finding ways to maximize that value, however, can mean developing a diverse mix of projects that tap into research and history.

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Branded projects such as putting together company timelines, commemorating company anniversaries, or curating a company exhibit can increase your visibility and enhance your reputation through history.

If you handle historical materials in your own services or engage in history-supported litigation, a partner who understands your priorities is vital to your success in these areas as well.

Wherever history takes you, HAI knows how to make your projects grow your bottom line.

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Services for Corporations

Cultural Heritage & Technology Services
Bringing Your Stories to Life

While the information in any history must be curated, organized, and shared–content development and storytelling is about framing and communicating your narrative in a professional and meaningful way.

Content & Digital Storytelling Services
Making History Engaging and Profitable

Providing you with the comprehensive historical research that you need to move forward with development, restoration, and adaptive reuse projects involving historic properties.

Research & Analysis Services
Detectives for the Most Challenging Research Questions

Providing discreet and time-sensitive historical research, data, and analysis to law firms in support of complex legal matters, regulatory compliance, and public relations.

Archives & Information Services
Bringing Order Out of Chaos

Your organization knows how quickly electronic records and historical materials can accumulate into a formidable web of information that requires substantial resource investments to untangle.