HAI Toasts the Opening of the Sazerac House

Date: October 3, 2019
Contact: Media Relations
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The Sazerac House opened to the public on October 2 and tells the intriguing story of cocktail culture in vibrant New Orleans. HAI served on the exhibit development team designing an experience described as an “immersive exploration of the spirited culture” of the storied city.

The Sazerac House restored historic building stands at the corner of Canal and Magazine streets, not far from the original Sazerac Coffee House where 1850s patrons once sipped the newly popular Sazerac cocktail. In the immersive exhibit space, visitors will begin their complimentary self-guided tour and witness how the famous cocktail was conceived in the heart of the French quarter and permanently became New Orleans’ favorite drink.

“The exhibit highlights the innovation and creativity that has always existed in the city’s cocktail culture,” noted Carlyn Swaim, VP of exhibit services at HAI and lead historian on the project. “We wanted to tell a story that reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of those who helped build and define the flavor of New Orleans and the city that embraced their craft.” Working with the design team from Gallagher & Associates, HAI created content for 3 floors of exhibition space and acquired over 300 images and graphics that bring the story to life.

Visitors will explore how the cocktails of yesterday and today are handcrafted with New Orleans artistry and flair, all while sipping samples of high-quality spirits from three complimentary tasting stations throughout the Sazerac House. Boasting a uniquely interactive experience, Sazerac House guests have the chance to participate in the craft. Visitors can witness the production of Peychaud’s Bitters and then purchase a bottle for their home bar and discover their favorite spirit through interactive displays with tasting notes and cocktail instructions. On the second floor, four virtual bartenders show visitors how to mix some of New Orleans’ signature flavors into 12 different delicious cocktails. At the on-site distillery, spirits professionals produce Sazerac Rye Whiskey while guests watch the bottling process. Mirroring the historic whiskey trade between Kentucky and New Orleans, the rye is crafted in a custom-made Kentucky still. If guests want to take their new knowledge even further, there are opportunities for cocktail classes, where they can mix up their own cocktails with the guidance of Sazerac House experience ambassadors, all for a small fee.

At the Sazerac House grand opening on October 2, guests were welcomed by the sounds of live New Orleans music and the tastes of some of the Sazerac Company’s signature spirits.  The building was christened by starting its first fermentation of Sazerac Rye.  Guests were given the opportunity to explore all three floors of exhibits and interactive opportunities and ended their journey by signing a Sazerac Rye Whiskey barrel.

About the Sazerac House

Standing proudly in a historic building at the corner of Canal and Magazine, and just a short stroll from the original 1850s era Sazerac Coffeehouse, the Sazerac House is an immersive exploration of the spirited culture of New Orleans. Featuring three floors of interactive exhibits across 48,000 square feet, including private event venues, an on-site Sazerac Rye distillery, and Peychaud’s Bitters production facility, the Sazerac House welcomes visitors to experience New Orleans history through the stories of its cocktails.  For more information on the Sazerac House, please visit www.sazerachouse.com

About HAI

For more than 35 years, HAI has helped clients to bring knowledge forward – use the past to inform the present and prepare for the future. The company’s historians and archivists research and write histories, create educational experiences, preserve and manage historical content, and conduct specialized historical research for corporations, government agencies, law firms, and nonprofit organizations worldwide.

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