HAI's enhanced website reflects the company's position as a leading professional services firm with nearly 40 years of experience.

HAI Poised for Growth in 2020

HAI – the leading professional services firm delivering litigation research, content and digital storytelling, archives and information management, and cultural heritage solutions – launches a new brand and expanded services, setting the stage for accelerated growth.

History Associates Incorporated Poised for Growth in 2020

Since HAI’s 2019 announcement of Beth Maser as the company President, HAI defined a focused go-to-market plan that builds on its strengths in litigation and research, cultural heritage, and archives and information management. With an impressive client roster, HAI aims to deepen relationships and add increased value to its customer base through expanded service offerings. HAI is also positioning its services portfolio to address the significant challenges both current and new clients are facing, including digitization in government, innovating experiences through virtual and augmented reality for associations and institutions, and preserving heritage for commercial and other segments. HAI’s leading litigation research capabilities are a cornerstone of the continued and growing relationships in the legal sector.

“HAI is in growth mode. We are essentially a mature 40-year-old company that has pivoted to act like a start-up. However, we still deliver the superior solutions and deliverables clients expect from us,” said Beth Maser, President.

Central to HAI’s growth focus is a newly defined brand identity reflected by the change in name and an enhanced global website. Positioning as “The Research, Discovery, and Experience Company,” HAI has a bright new chapter ahead.

About HAI

For more than 35 years, HAI has helped clients to bring knowledge forward – use the past to inform the present and prepare for the future. The company’s historians and archivists research and write histories, create educational experiences, preserve and manage historical content, and conduct specialized historical research for corporations, government agencies, law firms, and nonprofit organizations worldwide.

For more information, call (301) 279-9697 or contact HAI today.

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