"We had the opportunity to work with HAI while providing consultancy for augmented reality to an innovative traveling exhibit. HAI's team successfully steered the project by organizing and managing the interpretive planning efforts, coordinating communications among a group of professionals with diverse backgrounds, and producing an extraordinary final document to support the client's fundraising. We are excited about partnering with HAI and bringing to future projects our expertise in envisioning and developing high-end digital solutions."

Iara Kozan
Managing Partner, Virtual Grounds Interactive

Virtual Grounds Interactive

Virtual Grounds is a digital media company dedicated to providing strategic consulting and development of emerging technology components for cultural projects. We develop digital experiences and bespoken software with a focus on cultural content. Our clients are cultural and exhibit-based institutions, exhibit designers, city and state historical commissions, museums without walls, historic sites, universities, and corporate enterprises. We are based in Austin, Texas.

Partner Services

  • Augmented Reality and Spatial Computing Experiences - Downloadable mobile apps, social AR filters and lenses, and WebAR components fostering awareness and social connections.
  • Digital Experience Design - Concept, development, and implementation of exciting technology experiences for cultural and corporate projects, providing opportunities for engagement and learning.
  • Virtual Tours - 2D interactive maps and 3D environments featuring multi-media resources and delivering a transmedia storytelling.
  • Digital Technology Planning - Project assessment and management, high-level budgeting with equipment specification, and technology integration to support feasibility studies, interpretive planning, and project launch.
  • 3D Digital Twins - Virtual reconstructions of both vanished and existing landscapes, built structures, and artifacts to support interpretation, preservation efforts, and mitigation projects
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