"It's always a pleasure working with HAI on joint pursuits!"

Brandon Gabler
COO, Commonwealth Heritage Group

Commonwealth Heritage Group

Commonwealth Heritage Group, Inc. (Commonwealth) is a full-service heritage management and consulting firm serving clients for projects of all sizes. Commonwealth is a small business and proud founding member of the American Cultural Resources Association, a trade association of the heritage management industry. As an experienced industry leader, Commonwealth has consistently delivered quality services at the best value to its clients and developed an outstanding reputation with clients and regulatory agencies for understanding the intricacies of heritage management planning, permitting, and project implementation.

Partner Services

  •  Archaeology (Terrestrial and Maritime): literature searches, field survey, geotechnical investigations, site evaluation, data recovery, mitigation
  • Architectural History/Historic Landscapes: historic resource surveys, NRHP evaluations/nominations, impact assessments, public planning/interpretation, tax credit applications
  • NHPA Consultation: Section 106 and 110 compliance and review public meetings agency and stakeholder coordination
  • Environmental Services/NEPA: environmental project management, NEPA document preparation, biological assessments, 404 permits, Phase I ESA, SWPPP
  • Hazardous Materials Assessments
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